Saturday, 9 July 2016

Additional Exhibition Pieces from last year.

For my first solo exhibition last year, (The Grand Delusion)

I created several more charcoal pieces as follows:

More Than Just a Pear,

Bowl of Cherries V,

& Halfling.

In addition to the above, the exhibition included:

Large Grapes

Large Grapes is a painting based on a composition of two previous pieces I made a few years ago - Bowl of Cherries III & IV (pictured below).

They feature an offset bowl of cherries in charcoal with one or two fruits separated from the rest.

Although slightly unconventional, this composition seemed to work well and when the time was right for me to move into using colour, the transition of media from charcoal to oils was hassle-free.

And so, Large Grapes was born!!

The introduction of an elaborate French-style frame completed the piece.