Sunday, 2 August 2009

A little thank you...

These two drawings were made as a thank you present for two kind ladies from my local library that saved me a lot of money. I won't go into details but let's just say it involved 6 library DVDs and my car roof! :-p

Pencil on paper. H, 2B and 4B plus a blending stump.
I'm quite pleased with the cherries, but quite a bit less so with the strawberry. I think it needs more contrast. (Too late now of course as i don't have them anymore). The strawberry is also a redo as I botched up my first attempt by trying to add chalk pastels for colour having completed a full tonal drawing as you see here. So don't try that one! I wonder what the cherries would look the size of a watermelon!! I think I'll give that a go some time. I've always had a great urge to paint a still life of fruit, but overly massive. An apple 3m x3m for example! I have a 1m x 1m canvas waiting beside me here for a first go.

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