Sunday, 2 August 2009

Protea Cardinal.

This post is not a tutorial I'm afraid as I didn't photograph it in progress. However, it is another painting I've been working on recently and deserves to go up here.

The painting is of a Protea Cardinal flower, which I believe is a native flower of South Africa. It was lying around at my mother's house when I went to visit her last month, and so I photographed it for future reference. It's oil on canvas and quite large being 16" across by 48" high. (Intended to be upright, it works on it's side too)! I originally bought the canvas for a panoramic landscape.

So here it is: (click on the image to enlarge) The photo doesn't really do it justice, so I will take some more piccies outside tomorrow when the sun comes out.

(WORKS STILL IN PROGRESS 02-08-09: A Series of four and a commission for some apples).
So Stay tuned!

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