Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Pear and grapes

My latest piece, Pear and Grapes. Graphite and charcoal on paper. 45 x 35 cm.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

New photorealist/hyperrealist artists added 2010.

I have added some more of my favourite photorealist and hyperrealist artists to my ever growing list posted in November 2009:

I have added the following artists so far this year:
Juan Francisco Casas - figurative artist that mainly uses biro.

Sam Jinks - sculptor, often quite disturbing works.

Evan Penny - sculptor, famous for producing distorted figure sculptures.

Cesar Santander - artist often depicting antique tins and toys.

Josep & Pere Santilari - two twin Catalonian brothers that paint figures and still life.

Jamie Salmon & Jackie K. Seo - sculptors of hyperreal figures.

Cynthia Westwood - figurative artist often depicting the female nude bathing.

As and when I come across more, I will update the list. Any suggestions as to artists that I could add are very welcome.

Feel free to add a link to the list if you like too:"