Thursday, 5 August 2010

New photorealist/hyperrealist artists added 08/10.

A BIG list of photoreal/hyperreal artists added to 'The Photorealist / Hyperrealist Artists List'!

Paolo Tagliaferro

Mustafa Hulusi

David de Biasio

Akira Mizuno

Antonio Cazorla

David Finnigan

Drew Goings

Francois Chartier

Gianluca Corona

Guennadi Ulibin

Helmut Ditsch

Hynek Martinec

James Neil Hollingsworth

Karel Funk

Mark Sijan

Pedro del Toro

Philip Harris

Richard Estes

Tom Blackwell

Yasuko Iba

Damian Loeb

Luis Perez

Philipp Weber

Ben Weiner

Carlos G. Román

Rod Grigor

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If you know of any more photorealists or hyperrealists that could make the list, please let me know. (There are, of course all of the original photorealists that have yet to be added like Chuck Close, John Salt and Robert Bechtle amongst others).