Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New photorealist/hyperrealist artists added 06/11

June is here and so is another batch of incredible artists. (I'd like to add that some featured artists in my lists are in fact realists and probably don't use photo references, however their realism in my opinion is good enough to be included in the greatest 'PHOTOREALISTS/HYPERREALISTS LIST' on the internet).

Chen Ying

Brad Kunkle

Antonio Morano

Rob Hefferan

Lalani Nan

Karen Hollingsworth

John Baeder

James Rieck

Chris Cosnowski

Chris Armstrong

Kamalky Laureano

Lorena Kloosterboer

Jonathan Queen

Andrew Talbot

Maria Jose Cortes Antequera

Kelvin Okafor

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  1. Great blog ~ I was introduced by Bryan Hible whom I bubble with at Redbubble. I am also a realist. Thanks for the inspiration! Will add you to my blog now