Friday, 9 November 2012

New photorealist/hyperrealist artists added 11/12

November is here and Christmas presents and decorations fill the shops again. The US have re-elected Obama as President following a devastating wake from Hurricane Sandy. Friday, October 19th was a sad day for me as I had to have my 13 year old dog, Duffy put down. I miss him dearly. :-( On a lighter note, earlier this week, I attended an airbrush workshop run by Marissa Oosterlee and Carlo Tedesco. We all had a wonderful time. Here are a few more artists for this month's bloglist'PHOTOREALISTS/HYPERREALISTS LIST'

Jono Dry

Alberto Ponno

Cathy Sheeter

Cindy Wright

Diego Fazio

Sarah Gillespie

Joe Simpson

Michael Peck

Gerardo Pita

Jan Nelson

Guk Hyun Lee