Friday, 10 May 2013

New photorealist/hyperrealist artists added 05/13

April (yes, I know it's May now) but this month, I'll be posting NOT ONE, BUT TWO blogs to make up last month's late entry with a very special list of artists! Huh? Special? I hear you say! Well, you'll it'll be a blog special featuring many of the original photorealists. (Plus, apologies to last month's artists as I didn't get around to adding you all to the BIG list - all done now though)'PHOTOREALISTS/HYPERREALISTS LIST'

Daniel Dust

David Cunningham

David Jamieson

J W Jeong

Jessica Rebik

Kevin Cyr

Natalia Fabia

Nick Flatt

Jenny Morgan

Susannah Martin

Danny Heller

Stefania Fersini/

Kevin Peterson

Christian Faur

Marcus Akesson

Julmard Vicente

Marc Trujillo

Kate Brinkworth