Thursday, 8 August 2013

New photorealist/hyperrealist artists added 06-07/13

Two months worth of artists today as I've been quite lax in posting them regularly in recent months (so 26 new ones for you, ok)?! There are a few artists featured this month that had previously 'slipped through the net' - meaning I fully intended on adding them ages ago and never got around to doing so. So apologies there to Ian Bodnaryk, Kelvin Okafor and Doug Bloodworth.
Also, some images of my two new paintings; La Trahision des Yeux and Bowl of Apples. Those of you whom are acquainted with my Facebook profile may have already seen them. But first, the artists for June and July to add to my bloglist of over 350 artists now: 'PHOTOREALISTS/HYPERREALISTS LIST'

Lorenzo Fernandez

Eric Pouillet

Ian Bodnaryk

Kelvin Okafor

Johan Scherft

Julia Randall

Francisco Cienfuegos

Doug Bloodworth

Serena Potter

Daan van Doorn

Alfonso Luque

Carol Huddleston

Arturo Samaniego

Lisa Ober

Margaret Morrison

Tom Eckert

Cristina Penescu

Michael Fitts

Aristides Ruiz

Michael James Smith

Keng Lye

David Christiaan

Paul Rousso


Ray Hare

Thomas Arvid

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