Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Call for new photorealist/hyperrealist artists...

I haven't added any new photorealist artists for a long while now and it's high time some more were added to the list: My photorealist/hyperrealist artists list
If you know of any that fulfill the criteria below that you think I should add, please let me know either:
on my twitter page: @tommulliner_art
my Facebook page: Facebook
on my website:
or in the comments below
The criteria are:
1) They should not appear on the list already! Duh!
2) They need to have a blog or website to link to.
3) They must work from or with photographic references.
4) They must be either paintings or sculptures.
5) It must be their own work.
6) Their work should be to a high enough standard that their work is almost indistinguishable from a photograph.
Good luck if you're submitting yourself!! Tom Mulliner.

German Jug - oil and acrylic on board. 50cm x 60cm